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jamesMy name is James McLaughlin, and ever since I was old enough to get my driver’s license I’ve been behind the handlebars of a bike.

When I’m not riding, I work out of the shop I started a few years ago selling motorcycle apparel and detailing bikes and helmets.

From the seaside roads of California to the twisting turns of the mountains in Oregon, I’ve ridden across some of the most beautiful country in the USA. None of this, however, changed my perspective as much as a simple trip to my cousin’s house.

One mistake on one turn and I was in the back of an ambulance on my way to the hospital. I got away that day with nothing more than a severe concussion, but if I had not been wearing a helmet—a last second decision I made on impulse as I was walking out the door—my head hitting that pavement would have been the last thing I ever experienced.

Since that day, I have stressed the importance of quality helmets with religious passion. My hope is that this website will allow me to expand the knowledge I’ve gained about the various types of helmets available and help riders find a comfortable, stylish, and safe helmet to suit their needs.

So take a look around, check out some of the helmets I’ve had the chance to use and recommend, and use the information I’ve gathered over my years as a rider and motorcycle shop owner to make an informed decision on what helmet you choose to buy.

Hopefully, you’ll find a helmet that works for you and keeps you riding. Maybe then we can meet on the road someday. Until then, I wish you the best of luck on your helmet-buying adventure! And in case of suggestions or questions do contact me [email protected]! Also feel free to say hi at my facebook page!

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