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Best Biker Jackets Reviewed

biker jackets

With the heart on the road and the wheels on the floor, the bikers live life to the fullest. They are easily recognizable by their leather jackets, boots, helmets, goggles and the list goes on. And that’s precisely what interests us at this point – why are they good, and why should you consider buying one of our best biker jackets?

While it is a commonplace for bikers to wear them, they are not forbidden for any other person. They got the looks, the comfort, and various models have different features and attributes which make them particularly good.

Our Top 3 Picks

Men’s AL2001 Basic M.C. Jacket
  • Men’s AL2001 Basic M.C. Jacket
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Straightforward and plain
  • Price: See Here
Men MotorcycleJacket by Xtreemgear
  • Men MotorcycleJacket by Xtreemgear
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Protection
  • Price: See Here
Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket
  • Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Marvelous Outlook
  • Price: See Here


Why are these jackets the best biker jackets?

As with was mentioned before, their use is not prohibited for any other person. However, there are several reasons why they fit them the most. Those reasons include the design, perfectly fit for their way of living, material which offers protection against the wind and possible falls, and more.

A way of life

First of all, the bikers usually initiate their members in a form of a ritual. This ritual is different from group to group, while it is common for most of them to require a leather jacket and a bike. Wearing a leather jacket often refers to their way of life. On top of that, the overall style looks incredibly well when combined with a powerful motorbike, which is usually black as well.

Sturdy material provides extra protection

Secondly, the leather material used to make leather jackets is very sturdy. This offers a lot of protection from the wind, which can be a serious problem because the bikes themselves don’t offer any protection from it.

Most models have reinforced parts that grant additional protection to vital organs, or part of arms that most susceptible to injury if a fall should occur. Every model shields the lungs, while some have increased kidney protection, shoulder, and elbow pads.

The stylish design

Black leather is very attractive on its own, but most manufacturers tend to be very creative with the design. The zippers can be placed in various ways, zircons attached – there are virtually limitless options when the design is in question.

The standard leather jacket is similar to the motorcycle leather jacket, while the latter is preferred by bikers because of the design which is more delicate, and usually, more attractive. The motorcycle leather jackets also offer more protection and comfort.

They feel comfortable in a unique way

Best Biker Jackets


Some people would say that leather jackets are uncomfortable because they tend to stick to the body of the wearer (if the size is correct, concerning most standard models), restricting the movement of the arms a bit.

It is true that standard leather jackets may feel a bit odd if the wearer needs a lot of freedom concerning the movement of the arms, but the bike jackets are a whole different story. They are made using a different type of technology and method which does not impair the movement freedom, making them completely comfortable.

Reasons why biker jackets could fit everyone

Even though they are called “biker” jackets, they could be worn by everyone and anyone. There are several reasons why an average person would want to own one, and those include the attractive outlook, the versatility of use, the affordable price, and the comfort.

Firstly, not owning a motorbike doesn’t mean you can’t look good. These jackets are very attractive, and most people find them appealing. The design gives the wearer a rather peculiar outlook, as it is distinctive and inspires a dominating presence. Simply put, the leather is better.

Secondly, the motorcycle jacket is a very versatile one – it can be worn in practically any weather. It provides enough warmth during cold days, although they won’t keep you warm during harsh winter temperatures. They won’t make you boil in the summer days as well, even though the leather attracts sunlight, and it is recommended that they are not worn during heat seasons.

This takes out the extreme weathers out of the picture – the times at which bike jackets can be worn are normal, casual days, including summer nights and winter days. Some bike jackets include waterproof attributes, making them exceptionally good for rainy seasons.

Thirdly, the biker jacket is not expensive at all. It should not be considered cheap as well because the price is not so low, but they are definitely affordable. The qualities and attributes that the biker leather jackets provide are more than enough to make the price a righteous one.

Lastly, the comfort that they provide. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest, most important reasons why anyone should consider buying a biker jacket. Almost every model is comfortable to wear, while some models are outfitted with certain attributes, like interior cotton layer, or such.

What are the different types and styles of our best biker jackets?

best motorcycle jacket


It is kind of obvious that leather jackets are different from other jackets. While this may be apparent, the difference between themselves might not be. The categorization of leather jackets is not something that was done by the book, but we can do it by simply looking at their designs and attributes:

The Basic Leather Jacket is the one that looks quite bare in comparison to other styles. It is a simple leather jacket that has a straight vertical zipper, usually made of stainless steel, with normal buttons and internal and (or) external pockets. This is usually the most affordable category, considering that the basic design was made to be affordable to the masses.

The “Armored” Leather Jackets are made differently. The type of leather is sturdier and more durable, and the manufacturing process is special. They usually have multiple sections of armor that shield the shoulders, back, and the elbows, sometimes they are made in a way so that they can be removed if not needed.

This category is exceptionally valuable for bikers or people who are inclined to do things which could result in falling or injuring, as the reinforced protection softens the fall, and reduces the chance of bleeding. These jackets are also stylish in their own right, but the protection was put in the first place.

The Classic Rocker Style Leather Jacket was made famous by rock stars, as they used to wear them while they performed. The neck section stands out, the zipper goes halfway before it shifts to the opposite side, while the pockets are arranged in an unusual way. They are very different from standard leather jackets, mainly in design and price.

The Sports Leather Jackets are a completely different story. They are on the border between sports jackets and leather jackets, as their design resembles the sports jackets mostly, while they are made of leather. Preferred by NASCAR racers, they are basically a variation of the armored leather jackets.

The special features that they often include are the thermal quilted type of liner, the ability to absorb or repel water, and armor pads. Their design is fashionable, while the accentuation was on versatility and protection.

The Aviator leather jacket is a very stylish, comfortable, and warm. They were used during the second world war and were even standardized in the United States Military. Today, they are sold as fashion pieces.

The Famous who made leather jackets popular

The Military

Leather jackets were not made popular on purpose – the fashion dates all the way back to the first world war. The first leather jackets were worn by soldiers, as the leather material was sturdy and more resistant than the standard military equipment of that time. They looked a lot like today’s Rocker Leather Jacket type.Harley Davidson Jacket

Harley Davidson

Nearly a century ago, in 1928, Irving Schott made the very first leather jacket for the Harley Davidson company. It was named the “Perfecto”, like a popular cigar. This was the first time that the leather jacket was introduced onto the fashion stage. They were sold for a bargain price of $5.50, and they implemented the use of zippers instead of the classical button concepts.

The World War II

The second world war US leather jackets belong to the Aviator category, and during that time they were called the A-2 flight jackets. Afterward, they became popular in the fashion industry, and they are quite common today due to the unique design and style.

Marlon Brando

Perhaps the best actor of his time, Marlon Brando has worn a leather jacket in his cult movie, “The Wild One”. What is interesting is that he wore the “Perfecto”, the first design of leather jackets ever. Afterward, the Hollywood made a lot of movies that featured celebrities wearing leather jackets.

The Beatles

Without a doubt, the Beatles possess so much fame that everyone knows about them. They literally invented a wave of fashion that involved leather jackets, placing the foundations of rock and roll worldwide. They preferred the Aviators and Rocker designs.

The Sex Pistols, Blondie, and Ramones

The second wave of rock and roll was introduced by The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, among other popular bands. The 70’s and 80’s were very important because women also began wearing leather. This made the use of leather jackets extremely popular.

Hard rock and heavy metal bands of late 80’s and 90’s

While the famousness of leather jackets was already high, the late 80’s and early 90’s made a huge impact on them. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands such as Metallica, Death, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest made leather jackets iconic.

Judas Priest

This heavy metal band made leather jackets so popular that it can hardly be explained by words. Rob Halford, their singer, is famous for his uncanny fondness of leather jackets. The band’s fame also increased that of the leather jackets.

Hells Angels

The notorious biker gang, the Hells Angels are, perhaps, the most famous bikers on the planet. They have been sporting leather jackets for more than half a century, virtually advertising them wherever they ride.

The design and manufacture of leather jackets

This is a delicate matter because the leather jackets usually require a lot of attention in the manufacturing process. Implementing leather as a base material is no simple matter – it is much sturdier than regular materials, which makes it harder to bend and adjust in the desired manner.

However, leading brands have invested in their technology, and this process is often automatized. As for the design, the various types of leather jackets look different, feel different, and ultimately, their outlook is different.

We have mentioned the regular types of leather jackets, and we can summarize that their design is often very beautiful, with many accessories like additional pockets, protection pads, and such.

What are the features that different models possess?

The models of leather jackets are very distinctively different from each other, as all they have in common are the leather-based body and a zipper. Everything else depends on the particular model, and every single one of them has at least something unique.

The different features are the very Design of the leather jacket, the zipper (the material used to make the zipper, the pathing of zipper), number and position of pockets (interior and exterior), protective paddings (elbow, kidney, shoulders, back), the Belt, and additional attributes.

The Design is what makes them differentMotorcycle leather jacket

Simply reviewing the categorization of leather jackets would answer this question, but not entirely. The way they simply look is not always determined by their category. For example, there are a lot of Rocker type leather jackets that are very similar to Standard leather jackets.

When the design is in question, we can safely say that the products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as well as the store that sells them. Some stores are specialized in customizing their jackets (for example, biker gangs always place their logos on the back), making the design unique.

The reasons why manufacturers make the same category of jackets in a different way are various:

The market offers high demand for almost all types of leather jackets

This may be the most important reason why manufacturers make leather jackets of the same category so they look different from each other. When the demand is high, there must be a constant supply of them, otherwise, it will fall, making the manufacturers lose their invested capital.

However, there is an exception in this case. If the demand is absolutely low or non-existent, the manufacturers could stick out if they make a model that is completely different from the other manufacturers.

The reasons of competition

The different manufacturers are all competitors on the market – they tend to be better from one another, investing more time and resources in their leather jackets, implementing the use of the most advanced technology and methods, hiring a specialized workforce.

They want to be the best in order to give you the best product while earning a profit but to do so, they need to be better from all the rest. Making a line of the most perfect and desirable leather jackets means that they have to be different.

Having only a single model would make it dull and undesirable

If the manufacturers decide to make only a single model of each category of leather jackets, we would seldom see anyone wearing a leather jacket. This is the way of fashion – making things versatile, otherwise, they would be easily forgotten.

Believe it or not, the zipper makes half the outlook

It might not seem so apparent when you first think about it, but the way a jacket is zippered up tells a lot about it. If the path of the zipper is unconventional and unorthodox, the zippers main purpose is decorative, which further tells us that the jacket is not designed for cold temperatures. If it goes all the way up to our chin, its purpose is to keep us warm, placing the outlook on the second place.

The material from which the zipper of the leather jacket is made is an interesting topic. It tells us if we are going to use our leather jackets for a long time, or are we going to leave them after a period of time. Most manufacturers use stainless steel, but there are variations.

The zipper that is prone to rust or if it is made of materials that are low in quality is sure to malfunction, leaving our leather jacket out of the picture. You would not want to wear a jacket that can’t be zipped up.

The pockets – fashion or convenience?

Even though they serve an incredibly simple function, people managed to find various purposes for them. Some people like to put their hands in their pockets to either warm them up or look cool, some people want to carry some items in them that they would later need, while some people simply don’t like having pockets at all. This is where the leather jackets distance from one another.

For the practical purposes, let’s begin by leather jackets without any pockets. Simple and straightforward, these are the best jackets for bikers, because they rarely find any use for them, and all of the items that need to be stored can be placed anywhere else.

Some motorcycles have compartments which could hold them, otherwise, a rucksack should suffice. The bike packing is now a popular thing among bikers, and they definitely have no use for pockets when they have a whole backpack for storage. Sports Leather Jackets usually have no pockets.

There are leather jackets which are equipped with a single pocket or several of which only one can be actually opened. These pockets are often sewn in an unconventional spot and are often very shallow. These are made purely out of aesthetic purposes, as they possess no ability to hold items. Most Rocker Leather Jackets are made this way.

The Biker Jackets that come supplied with several pockets, of which all are placed in unorthodox places and most of them are shallow or can’t be opened – these leather jackets are a popular improvement of the previous category. Purely for fashion purposes, these pockets were designed to make the wearer look cool – not to actually help him carry his items.

However, there are some types of Biker Jackets that can actually help you with your stuff. The Aviator type of leather jackets has a lot of pockets, all of them deep enough to hold an item or two, all of them usable. Perhaps, one of the few leather jackets that were designed for the purpose of convenience.

The protective paddings – a must for any biker

There are biker leather jackets that come equipped with protective paddings that are supposed to shield your kidneys, shoulders, or back. There are some that are not supplied with such accessories, while there are even some jackets that are made from materials that are so sturdy that they provide a protection on their own.

The Biker Jackets that offer no protection are for casual people. Bikers who like to ride safe and slow, and regular people who simply like wearing leather jackets. The leather is still sturdier than almost any other material used to make clothing, but this category is the least durable.

Those leather Jackets that come supplied with protective paddings are perfect for any biker that rides a lot or prefers to ride at high speeds. A casual person would find very little use of such protective paddings unless he is prone to falling due to clumsiness.

The last category, the Jackets that are not supplied with protective equipment, but offer protection out of their sturdiness are the jackets made from harder leather. They are tougher, more durable, and they could, perhaps, absorb some of the impacts, and they are efficient at preventing bleeding from happening. The only downfall is that they are heavier and that they impair the arm movement capabilities of the wearer.

What are the outstanding attributes that top models possess?

The outstanding attributes that different models have presented the line that differentiates the manufacturers. Even the Biker Jackets that offer no outstanding attribute sometimes possess at least one – the cheap price.

The outstanding attributes that a leather jacket can offer you are a special material used in the manufacturing process, protective padding, adjustable waist belt, rust-proof zipper and buttons, water resistant capabilities, and thermal capabilities.

The special material used in the manufacturing process

This often refers to the material of special quality, as it is known that all leather jackets are obviously made of leather. The only question that pops up is what type of leather was used? The most popular kind of leather is the cowhide leather, as it provides sturdiness and durability to the jacket.

There are also types that are made of milled leather, which gives the leather jacket a whole different color, shade, outlook, and sturdiness. Most of the people will find these jackets to be less durable, but more comfortable.

The Adjustable Waist Belt

The adjustable waist belt is optional, and only some models come supplied with it. It serves two functions, where the first would be to hold the jacket more tightly, and the other would be the decorative purpose. There are many reasons why you should want to tighten your jacket, where the most obvious ones would be to feel more comfortable and to avoid cold air from getting in.

The decorative purpose is as obvious as the practical function of the waist belt – it is there to make the leather jacket more appealing and cool, while not getting in the way of the zipper and buttons. Having one is quite cool, and if you happen to get bored by it, some are easily removed.

Rust-proof zipper and buttons

There have been words about why you should value these kinds of zippers and buttons more than the regular ones, but it wouldn’t hurt to explain it more thoughtfully – these kinds of zippers and buttons increase the lifetime of your jacket.

They are also easier to remove and replace, as the rusted buttons could stick in place, leaving you with little options. The rusted zipper could make the entire jacket useless, and in the most extreme cases, you are going to need to rip your jacket just to get out of it.

What are the biggest advantages of owning a leather jacket?

They are very versatile – good for every part of the year

This question can be answered fairly easy, as there are several advantages of owning a leather jacket. First of all, they are versatile, so they could be worn at almost any time of year. They are usually black, so they could pair up with your other pieces of clothing more easily than solid-colored jackets, backpacks and bags.

Just warm enough

They are warm, but not too hot, making them good for mild summer nights, as it is known that winds and sudden temperature shifts are most likely to get you sick in the summer season. The biker jackets would help you avoid this problem.

Cooler at day, warmer at night

They are cool when worn over proper clothing, meaning that you don’t overburden yourself with sweaters and otherwise warm pieces of clothing. The leather will appear kind of cold to the skin when touched, making it perfect for summer evenings.

A decent jacket to carry even at winter

Most types of leather jackets can make you feel warm during winter times, especially the ones that have a zipper that goes all the way up to your chin. Some types of biker jackets even provide thermal insulation or have a layer of different material stitched from the inside, precisely for this purpose.

Phenomenal Wind Protection

When the middle of autumn begins to smell like upcoming winter, the winds tend to be stronger and more ferocious. The perfect time to dress yourself up – leather jackets are made of materials that can not only soften the wind impact, they could even absorb it to the fullest.

No wind could get past the biker jacket ever, mainly because they are made to be thick, making them potentially the best clothing piece to carry in autumn and spring. Some are even waterproof, meaning that rain and wind combined won’t graze you.

They are very affordable

If you compare the biker jackets to other jackets you will find that they are evenly matched, or even superior in the terms of price. What makes them even better is the fact that they offer far more than fashionable outlook or thermal protection, which is the case with most jackets.

The regular jacket is made to either make the wearer look ravishing (at the cost of warmth or coolness) or to make him feel warm and shield him from winter and autumn winds. Biker jackets are capable of both – they make you look exquisite while providing protection from the cold. It is quite paradoxical that something that can offer more actually costs less.

The quality of biker jackets is easily distinguishable and recognizable

This is, maybe one of the biggest problems when purchasing any piece of clothing. The clothing can appear nice on the outside, it can even appear to feel good, but it still may be bad in quality. Those items are often short-lived, and only the experts could tell the difference between a high-quality jacket and a poor quality one.

This is definitely not the case with biker jackets. The leather of poor quality will be easily noticed by cracks on the joints, or by being thin. When you see that the jacket is full of wrinkles and cracks, you will know that the particular model is either used or poor in quality.

When you see that the jacket is made out of thin leather, don’t expect much from it. Same goes for the flame-resistance capabilities. If the biker jacket can’t handle the flame from a lighter, you’d be best advised to pass on the offer.

They are flame and heat resistant

The leather used in the manufacturing process of biker jackets is usually not flammable. This means that the jacket would protect the wearer from most of the hazards induced by heat sources such is an open flame for example. If the leather jacket doesn’t possess this quality, it is most likely that the low-quality leather was used to make it.

Best Biker Jackets Reviewed in 2016

Men’s AL2001 Basic M.C. Jacket 42 Black

motorcycle-jacketsThe Men’s leather jacket is quite straightforward and plain. It looks very good and it feels even better – all you can ask out of a biker jacket. It was made out of split cowhide kind of leather which gives it tremendous durability. The classic Rocker design is perfect for any biker, but even for any person that simply wants this exquisite outlook.

You want it because it’s reliable and comfortable – the fine manufacturing process left plenty of room for your arms, so you need not fret about it. It comes supplied with an adjustable waist belt – a purely decorative element that bolsters the great look the jacket already has.

The main downfall of this jacket is that it has a quite peculiar zipper – this is common for this type of biker jackets, but it might leave you freezing if you wear this jacket at low temperatures. All in all, a very good biker jacket.


  • Straightforward and plain – the design is very common, yet amazingly attractive, fits the current fashion standards;
  • Spacious – careful manufacturing process left a lot of space for arms and torso;
  • Great outlook;


  • Specific zipper style makes it practically unusable during winter time;
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Men Motorcycle Biker Armor Leather Jacket by Xtreemgear Black


This leather motorcycle vest is an armor in its own right – the Xtreemgear made this model with great care, providing additional protection to shoulders and elbows without sacrificing the strikingly beautiful note. This leather jacket is something that even batman would wear in his free time – plated, protective, adjustable waist strap, attractive, a lot of pockets. What more could you need?

But there’s even more – zippered cuffs are supplied along with the top vents. This armor will protect your body from wind and impacts with ease, as it was specifically designed for the wearer’s protection. On top of all, the additional protection was made possible with the foam padding that goes all around the torso.

The only flaw that this biker jacket has is that it’s not too versatile – most people don’t need jackets with protection, as they tend to be less prone to injury than bikers. This, however, does not mean that this jacket is reserved for bikers – the ravishing look is something to look up to, and something that few can resist once they first put it on. Safety first is the motto that this jacket lives up to.


  • Offers great protection – this leather jacket is one of the best models in terms of protection:
  • Designed for safety while still looking amazing – the armored design does not lack in looks. It is very attractive while providing protection;
  • Equipped with various pockets and miscellaneous additions;


  • Not too versatile – most people don’t need protective jackets, but it is perfect for bikers and professional car drivers.
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The Bikers Zone Men’s Basic Side Lace Cowhide Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Jacket


This is “the” Men’s leather biker jacket – for real men that like to look distinctively different from regular guys, for men that want to feel comfortable while being attractive – this is one of the best motorcycle jackets there is.

The material used to make this fine piece of clothing was cowhide leather – it is only standard when it comes to top quality products that the best materials are used as well. The durability is amazing and your safety guaranteed – this is one of those jackets that can protect you from impacts without any form of protective gear attached to it – it is simply sturdy enough to shield you on its own.

It comes equipped with four outside pockets that are not made for aesthetic purposes – each of them can be opened and used, unlike some leather jackets that stitch the pockets simply for the jacket to look nicer. Full sleeves and side lacing make this jacket versatile and easily adjustable. It does not matter what size you are, as you will feel comfortable wearing this biker jacket.


  • Versatile and easily adjustable – it can easily be worn at any time of the year;
  • Attractive, sturdy, and durable – all the attributes you want a leather jacket to possess;
  • Comfortable – fits nicely and feels very gentle on the skin;


  • Brass hardware might rust easily – avoid wearing it during rainy seasons;
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Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket


There is one thing that separates this jacket from the rest – it is one of the best and most attractive motorcycle jackets for men. What makes it so good? The outlook – it simply radiates with a more vibrant, vivid color when compared to other jackets.

The classic design of a biker jacket can do wonders when you go an extra mile – the rust-proof buttons are supplied so that you may never fear wind or rain. It can be worn at virtually any time during any season, as it does not make you freeze or boil – the milled leather gives it a perfect balance when the functionality is in question.

What makes it even more amazing is the price – it is a bit more affordable than most top quality motorcycle jackets for men, and it is simply phenomenal that it offers so much at such a good price. It won’t wrinkle, it won’t crack, the durability, comfort, and astonishing outlook are provided for you to enjoy. Tremendous value.


  • Milled leather – marvelous outlook;
  • Rust proof buttons – usable at any time of year;
  • Affordable;


  • People who prefer the standard cowhide leather might find the milled leather to feel a bit odd;
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Viking Cycle American Eagle Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Men


The leather motorcycle jacket any biker would be glad to own – the Viking Cycle American Eagle. Certainly one of the best motorcycle jackets for men available on the market today. As the name suggests, it gives great freedom – only, in this case, in the matter of arm movement. It was made of the leather that provides most comfort – the cowhide leather, which provides the durability and protection that all the bikers need. You will feel safe as you glide along the road.

Belted waist and multiple pockets are provided so that it looks even better while providing useful space for you to store your items. What brings the most attention is the amazing pattern stitched on the back – a griffin that sits atop the shield on which the united states symbol is woven. A great piece of art with even a greater message.


  • Amazing outlook, phenomenal pattern on the back;
  • Very durable and made of top quality leather;
  • Belted waist and multiple pockets;


  • May wrinkle at the bridge between arms and shoulders;
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Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket with Blue Accent


This is one of the most convenient motorcycle jackets for men – it looks smart and stylish, offers a lot of protection and, most importantly, it’s waterproof. Popular among bikers and NASCAR racers, this leather motorcycle jacket has removable armor paddings that will shield your shoulders, back, and elbows.

It is very desirable because it is attractive, durable and has a removable thermal liner, thus providing a very good value. The zippered vents are supplied on the chest and on the back, granting additional protection against impact. You won’t get much safer product than this.

On top of everything, it comes in various sizes and four different colors. While it is preferred by sports drivers and bikers, the remarkable design makes it available for absolutely everyone. A men’s leather biker jacket for every purpose, it excels in terms of protection and durability.


  • Waterproof;
  • Protective and durable;
  • Fashionable design;


  • Quite expensive;
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Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Motorcycle Maverick Jacket


One of the finest men’s leather biker jacket models, the Milwaukee leather motorcycle jacket is made from leather of very high quality. There are several things that make this model particularly interesting. First of all, the design is quite simple, yet extraordinary, as it hardly fits in the regular categories of leather jackets.

Secondly, the stitching process was performed with such care that the jacket will not wrinkle or crack over time. However, due to the extravagant leather used in the making process, the price is a bit steep. Despite that, this motorcycle leather jacket offers stylishness and comfort like no other.


  • Top quality leather;
  • Durable and reliable;
  • Unique design;


  • Very expensive;
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Interstate Leather Men’s Touring Jacket


Straightforward in looks, this motorcycle leather jacket can be deceptive. At first glance, most people would think that this jacket is like any other, but they would be very wrong – this leather jacket stands out from the rest in many aspects.

First of all, the materials used in the manufacturing process are of much higher quality than that of a standard leather jacket. This makes this jacket so durable, yet comfortable to wear. This is very important, as some leather jackets tend to crack at the joints after prolonged use, which is not the case with Interstate Leather Men’s Touring Jacket.

Secondly, the fashionable black color is much more pronounced – the finishing touch on the jacket makes it shiny and reflective, as it appears polished almost all of the time. The standard, plain design simply adds to the attractiveness and the outlook of this jacket.

Most importantly, the matter of affordability – the Interstate Leather Men’s Touring Jacket is not cheap, but it is very affordable. For a jacket that can offer you so much, the price can be considered a bargain. Overall, exceptional value and one of the best motorcycle jackets around.


  • Protects your kidneys;
  • Vented;
  • Straightforward and stylish;


  • Brass zippers;
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TRACK Motorcycle Biker Armor Leather Jacket


As the name suggests, this model is very desirable among bikers. The reflective stripes were placed on the chest, on the back, and on the sleeves, making the design fuller and more attractive. The most important and the most interesting thing about this biker armor is that offers protection more than any other biker jacket.

Concerning the protection, it has five sections of removable armor, featuring back, elbows, and the shoulder paddings. They are made of high-quality injection molded type of plastic that was padded with fine foam. While the shoulder and the elbow armor pieces were made out of regular foam, the back armor piece was made using a double density type of foam. You will be safe.

It also features the removable quilted liner, closes using a frontal zipper, it comes supplied with the side waist which is fully adjustable, zipper cuffs, and several pockets. Perhaps the most versatile leather jacket on the current market, it holds tremendous value and is rather affordable.


  • Absolute protection – five sections of removable armor pieces that guard the back, your elbows, and your shoulders. Made of injected plastic that was padded with fine foam.
  • Very attractive – the reflective stripes were placed on the chest, on the back, and on the sleeves.
  • Affordable – borderline price between the cheap and expensive;


  • Most people don’t need the extra protection – regular people who do not drive bikes often find little use for the armor. Luckily, it can be removed.
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Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket



This jacket was designed to make you look good and to protect you. It looks ravishing and is available in four colors, while it offers protection. Armor was placed in the shoulders and elbows, the sleeves are removable and offer great insulation, which makes this jacket very useful at cold, winter times.

The best thing about this leather motorcycle jacket is the fact that it features the spine armor which can be easily removed if not needed.

If you are a biker, the spine armor is a very useful addition because it guards the most fragile part of our body.

This jacket is fully waterproof, making it perfect for rainy seasons. Great value for an even greater jacket and this is why we consider it to be among the best motorcycle jackets around.


  • Waterproof;
  • Attractive and desirable;
  • Additional protection;


  • Bargain price due to medium quality;
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