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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

If you are a veteran biker, you understand that solitude is the best thing about going on long trips in your motorcycle. However, there are times when you need to speak to your buddies while riding. This can be facilitated by the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet that you can afford.

When you go through the bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews you will come across an amazing variety but, as a seasoned motorcyclist, you would also realize that if you are going to invest, you should go for the best.

In the following guide, you would be introduced to the best options that make your journey not just safer but also, a lot more fun. Read on to know more.

Our Top 3 Picks

O’Neal Commander
  • O’Neal Commander
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Good Weight and Low Price Combination
  • Price: See Here
  • TORC T27
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Compact Design with Added Safety
  • Price: See Here
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Strong Material & Superior Design
  • Price: See Here


Our Top 5 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

O’Neal Commander

ONeal Commander Bluetooth HelmetThis O’Neal bluetooth helmet is the best bluetooth helmet out there because it combines great looks and design with amazing features, as you’ll see in our detailed O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet review.

Suede Liner and Unique Shield – The helmet is made from suede lining that is washable and comfortable. It ensures that there are no odd smells in the O’Neal Commander. The shield has useful features like anti-scratch and anti-fog.

Bluetooth With Great Talk Time – Actual reviews agree that the helmet lives up to its promise of offering 10 hours worth of talk time.

Stereo Speakers in Bluetooth – Music lovers adore the high quality of the surround, full stereo speakers that come with the Commander. When a call is incoming, the music is cut off which is quite a useful feature to have during high speeds and noise.

Good Weight and Size – The model weighs 5.4 pounds which is not too heavy or too light. It doesn’t cause any neck pains and comes in 6 sizes, from extra small to double extra large.

Safety and Price – This helmet is approved by both ECE and DOT and the price is quite affordable for the amount of features that are offered.

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O’Neal Fastrack II

ONeal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth TechnologyThis is another top model by O’Neal and it might be the cheap bluetooth helmet that budget users are looking for.

Ultra Light Shell and Safety – There is no O’Neal Fastrack II Bluetooth Helmet review that doesn’t mention the fiberglass shell of this bluetooth helmet with its ultra-light weight and safety features. The helmet is approved by DOT and ECE.

Ventilation – The helmet comes with ventilation that is adjustable and facilitated using multiple ports to ensure that you are breathing fresh air on your rides.

Multi Directional Dual Speaker in Bluetooth – For its extremely affordable price, O’Neal doesn’t compromise on the quality of its users’ music requirements and offers stereo sound with its two speakers. These are multi-directional speakers.

Comfort Liner – The comfort liner on the inside of this helmet is made using technical fabric that is washable and easy to remove. This ensures that the helmet smells fresh and clean throughout its life.

Weight, Size and Design – This motorcycle helmets with bluetooth weighs a mere 5 pounds which is light enough to be worn with ease and without any pains but heavy enough to protect the driver’s head from any shocks. It comes in two shades of black and two sizes – extra small and small.

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BILT Techno

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle HelmetEvery bilt helmet review of this model mentions one thing – BILT has taken affordability to the next level with the Techno because no matter how outdated your phone might be, as long as it has bluetooth capability, the BILT Techno would work.

Bluetooth Intercom Function – As per the most popular bilt techno bluetooth helmet review, this model is quite unique because of its intercom function. It allows communication between the drivers and also between the driver and passengers which makes it one of a kind.

Great Design and Safety Standards – The model not only meets DOT standards but exceeds them and the design is quite aesthetically appealing to motorcyclists. It comes in 4 standard colors – black, white, matte black and day glo. The sizes start from extra small and reach up to double extra large.

Quick Release Visor – Getting another point for safety from every bilt bluetooth helmet review, the Techno has a quick release visor that is clear and locking, and fitted as a standard for the helmet. The BILT Techno is also equipped with a special tinted sun shield to protect your eyes from the harsh glares of the sun.

Vents and Lining – The vents of the helmet are made from metal mesh while the lining can be removed at discretion. It also comes with chin deflectors for added comfort.
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HJC CL-MAXBT IIPeople who want the best bluetooth helmet with amazing size and color variety would love the HJC MACBT II, as is proven by every HJC bluetooth helmet review.

Strong Material and Superior Design – All bluetooth helmet reviews for this model commend it on its strong polycarbonate shell that is lightweight and fits extraordinarily because of the thirteen different sizes it is available in. The matte black version is the best because it looks sleek and suave.

Advanced Visor Features – The face shield offers protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun up to 95% and can be released using a single button. There is also a chin bar in the helmet. The shield replacement doesn’t require any tools because it is created using the QuickSlide technology of HJC.

Anti Bacterial Nylex and State of the Art Ventilation System – Every MAXBT II bluetooth helmet review mentions the nylex material used in the helmet which is sterile and is equipped with anti-bacterial features. The ACS ventilation system flushes all humidity and heat back to front on a continuous basis.

Bluetooth Ready Design – At just 5.2 pounds, this model by HJC has cavities for interior speakers and integrated recess.



TORC T27This model by TORC might be in a slightly higher price range but its advanced features are the reason why it is a part of every list of best full face motorcycle helmets with bluetooth.

Compact Design With Added Safety – This helmet is smaller in size and design but its equally efficient as any of the other models. It is one of the underdogs of bluetooth motorcycle helmet review lists.

Patented Venting Technology – The Ventauri venting technology takes care of rear venting while the intake venting mechanism ensures all round venting efficiency in this TORC model.

Bluetooth For Talking, Streaming and GPS – It comes equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 that can be used for high quality calls, music streaming and even for listening to the directions using the GPS. Music is streamed using stereo.

Safety Standards – This model is certified by both ECE and DOT, and the controls further amp up its safety feature. One unique feature is the single button release mechanism of the chin bar.

Sun Visor – Apart from the sun visor, every TORC bluetooth helmet review also commends the helmet’s shield that can be compared to certain higher end models of the market in terms of its optics.


Pros and Cons of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

Pros and Cons of the Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetsEven the best bluetooth helmets have their own set of pros and cons. You can’t get the best of all worlds until you are willing to shell out quite a lot of money. However, by balancing your requirements, you can enjoy the best bluetooth helmet with minimum fuss. Here are some pros and cons of bluetooth helmets:


  • These helmets make life easier for those who want to talk to their friends when they are driving;
  • The control with a built in bluetooth motorcycle helmet is handsfree and so, there are minimum distractions while driving;
  • Some good bluetooth integrated helmets come with a variety of additional features like waterproof operation, voice controls, crisp sound, surround speakers, amazing talktime, and noise cancellation.
  • A bluetooth full face helmet also has the added advantage of safety over technology because these helmets perform their basic function quite efficiently.


Pros and Cons of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

  • Some helmets could be costly because they come with a lot of features that most motorcyclists don’t need.
  • The music feature of almost any motorcycle helmet with bluetooth would always have some issues, especially over 60mph. These helmets are primarily there for the talking function. In some, the volume doesn’t come with controls while others don’t offer high volume.
  • Going for a cheap bluetooth helmet means compromising on look and quality which means that overly affordably options are usually not good enough.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

It cannot be stressed enough that when you look for a high tech motorcycle helmet, you shouldn’t be stingy. This isn’t an area where you should look to save money because it is essential to your motorcycle experience. Here are some factors to consider when you go through a bluetooth helmet review and make your choice:


The bluetooth function of bluetooth helmets behaves erratically when it comes in contact with water. As such, you should always look for a helmet that comes with the waterproof feature. Both the mic and the speakers would frequently come in contact with sweat and the humidity inside the helmet can also cause condensation. As such, both these parts should be waterproof in nature so that the helmet can enjoy a long life.


When you are looking for a motorcycle helmet with built in speakers you need something that would allow you to shuffle music, change the volume, and effortlessly switch between talking and listening. There are some bluetooth helmets out there that do not offer volume control and you can go for that if you are not going to use your helmet for listening to music. Otherwise, look for handsfree controls. Certain higher end models would also offer control using just your voice.

Paint and MaterialPaint and Material

When you are analyzing the exterior and look of motorcycle helmets with bluetooth built in, take a look at the quality of paint. The color and design are not just important for looks but also ensure that the helmet stands wear and tear easily. If the paint is of low quality, the helmet would start looking old and lacklustre in a few months. Metallic paint with double lacquer is a popular option that adds great looks to the helmet but doesn’t compromise on the quality.

BluetoothBluetooth Quality

First of all, the bluetooth should be compatible with all kinds of phones, especially the one you are using currently. If you are using an old model of phone, it should connect easily with that. It should also have a decent range of at least 500 feet for best results. Some good helmet models offer additional features like noise cancellation.

Bluetooth Headsets for Full-Face Helmets:

If you are one of those people who are too attached to their helmets and don’t want to replace them with something else, there are motorcycle helmet kits available in the market that make life easier. Sena SMH5-02 is available at a lot less and comes with two way intercom, intuitive interface, jog dial, noise control feature and amazing battery life. Other options include Blinc M2, Sena SMH-A0302, 2x FDC, and Sena SMH10D-11.

Making the Decision

Making the right decisionNo matter which of the options you choose to go for, you should know that a bluetooth helmet is an investment that would yield great returns for a long time. You can choose to make one hefty investment once or multiple small ones every year. Because the price of these helmets is not cheap in any way, you should definitely prefer online stores. You also get the advantage of amazing variety when you shop online. Plus, you can enjoy discounts and sales. If you have chosen a popular model, you can even go to the actual store, get yourself fitted and find the size, and then you can make your purchase online.

Why deal with noisy screaming when you are on the road with your friends when you can enjoy crystal clear conversation using a bluetooth helmet? Buy your ideal bluetooth helmet now and say goodbye to noise.

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