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Best Kids Motorcycle Helmet – Toddler & Youth Helmets

When parents choose a helmet for their child, they want the absolute best that the market has to offer. Even the best toddler helmet is manufactured keeping this requirement of parents in mind.

If you are a parent and your child has been introduced to street biking recently, you have to research about the best bike helmet for kids and not just any mediocre one because you want you child to be as safe as possible while having fun at the same time.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend too much time researching about the best kids motorcycle helmets because the following guide has already done the job for you. Read on to know more about how to choose the best kids helmet and which recommended options to go for.

Our Top 3 Picks 

LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior
  • LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Aerodynamic Shell
  • Price: See Here
Vega Mach 2.0 Junior 5
  • Vega Mach 2.0 Junior 5
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dual Purpose
  • Price: See Here
Razor Full Face Youth Helmet
  • Razor Full Face Youth Helmet
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Strap and Visor
  • Price: See Here


Best Kids/Youth Motorcycle Helmets

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

Razor Full Face Youth HelmetThis model by razor is one of the best kids helmets and caters to children between 8 and 14 years.

CPSC Standard – The helmet is certified by CPSC to be absolutely safe. CPSC is the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Full Face Helmet With Advanced Ventilation – Because this a full face kid motorcycle helmet aimed to offer total coverage and complete protection, it can get pretty hot inside when the visor and shields are down. As such, Razor has provided 17 vents in the helmet to keep it absolutely cool and humidity free at all times.

Extra Inside Padding – Extra pads are provided with this helmet so that the fit is optimum as the child’s head grows with age. This extra padding is also there for added protection in case of accidents and parents would like this feature in more motorcycle helmets for youth.

Adjustable Strap and Visor – Both the visor and strap are adjustable because Razor understands that fit is the most important factor in children’s helmets. Parents should ensure that the strap is well adjusted and is not too tight for the child.

Big Eye Ports – The big eye ports not only help with visibility but are also there to make the job of wearing goggles while riding quite comfortable and scratch free.

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LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior

LS2 Helmets FF392 JuniorThis is one of the best helmets for kids not just because of the reputation of LS2 as a brand but due to the material, aerodynamics and high quality features that come with it.

ECE and DOT Approved – The FF392 adheres to the highest safety standards and is approved by both ECE and DOT.

Aerodynamic Shell – The shell is aerodynamically superior and, as such, there is little wind resistance while wearing the helmet. This means that your child will experience no pain in the neck or shoulders and fatigue wouldn’t set in too early.

Adjustable Vents – The adjustable vents ensure that the helmet can be tailored to keep the interiors breezy in summer and sealed during winter.

Laser Cut Comfort Liners – This childs motorcycle helmet has comfort liners that offer an amazing fit that is not too loose or too tight (provided you choose the right size for your child’s head) because they have been cut using laser. Hence, the accuracy of fit.

Removable Padding – The padding is ample to enhance comfort and also protect against shocks during accidents. It is removable so that it can be washed and kept clean all year long.
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Typhoon Helmets Youth Offroad Gear Combo

Typhoon Helmets Youth Offroad Gear ComboThe color and style of this child motorcycle helmet appeals to youngsters but as a brand, Typhoon is class apart.

Great Starter Kit – If your child is just getting into off road and motocross riding, this is the best option to go for. Not only does it come with a top quality helmet, goggles and gloves are also included in this combo kit.

DOT Approved – The helmet is approved by DOT and as such, it satisfies all the safety standards necessary to ensure a safe ride.

Removable Liner – The liners lining the inside of this helmet are not only comfortable but are also easy to remove. They can be washed without any hassles to rid them of dirt and sweat on a regular basis and keep the helmet smelling fresh and clean.

Affordable Price – The thing that makes this helmet a great starter kit is its price. For its very affordable price, you also get the other elements of the kit without spending anything else.

Lightweight – The is the best bike helmet for kids because it is quite lightweight which also means that it is easy to put on and take off. It doesn’t cause any pain around the neck even after prolonged wear.
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CKX 102113 TX-218 Whip

CKX 102113 TX-218 WhipCKX is a brand that is known for making greatly affordable motorcycle helmets for kids and the brand does this without compromising on quality.

DOT Approved – It is a surprise to many reviewers that this helmet is DOT approved because generally, DOT helmets are quite expensive as compared to others. This one, on the other hand, is absolutely affordable and you can get it for your child without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Impact Resistant Shell – The shell is made from plastic and is impact resistant which is good for reducing any chances of damage if the helmet falls off. It would also reduce fatigue during daily use and offers extra protection to your child’s head in case of an accident.

Removable Lining – The lining of the helmet is removable and washable. This means that you can remove it with ease and wash it to keep it as clean as possible. Clean liners are important to maintain hygiene inside the helmet and prevent any grime or odor from building up.

Lightweight – The helmet weighs a mere 3.5 pounds and this light weight should not be confused with reduced safety. It just helps the keep your child’s neck stress free when the helmet is worn for a long time.

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Vega Mach 2.0 Junior

Vega Mach 2.0 JuniorThis helmet by Vega is one of the few childrens motorcycle helmet models that is dual purpose in nature. It is adored by children because of its look and design.

ECE and DOT Approved – This helmet satisfies the safety standards of both ECE and DOT which is a bonus for parents who are looking for safe kid motorcycle helmets.

Dual Purpose – There are snow shields in this helmet that are optional in their use. As such, not only does this helmet would as a great street biking option, it can also be converted into a snow helmet when needed.

Wick-Dri Liner – Made with a unique wick-dri technology, the interior liners of the helmet are removable and washable. These liners also make the fit of the helmet snug and comfortable.

Variety of Shields – Because Vega offers a variety of shield options with this helmet, children can customize the design, look and feel of the helmet along with its utility and visibility.

Different Sizes and Colors – Not only is the helmet light in weight, it is also available in various sizes and designs.
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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Helmet for Your Kid

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Helmet for Your KidWhen choosing the right motorcycle helmet for kids parents have to be careful because children and young adults are often brash. They are also still going through the learning curve and it takes time for anyone to establish control over the vehicle. A lot of practice is necessary in this area.

As such, parents should consider some important factors before choosing the best helmet for kids. If all these factors are considered, they would ensure that motorcycling is both fun and safe for your child and you don’t have to worry too much:

Motorcycle Helmet StandardsInterior Padding

A lot of parents let their children choose their helmet and, as a result, the child almost always goes for something that looks great. However, it is the parent’s job to manage the safety department. This is why interior padding of the helmet should be the first thing that parents check when they pick up a helmet for their kid.

The best riding helmet would have ample padding around the cheeks, a thick liner and further protection. Remember that the helmet is there to protect two main regions – the neck and the head. Would the chosen helmet offer adequate protection to those areas? In case of an accident, will the interior padding suffice and stand as a buffer?

Motorcycle Helmet StandardsMotorcycle Helmet Standards

The most common standards for youth motorcycle helmets are DOT, ECE and EPSC which are basic standards. If you want something that is even more rigorous, you should always go for SNELL rated helmets. SNELL is an independent body that has stringent safety requirements for helmets of both children and adults.

It is difficult to get the SNELL standard and brands that do satisfy this standard are quite safe and sturdy indeed. Another thing to watch out for is the purpose of the helmet. Some helmets are meant for off road purposes and not for street biking. As a parent, you should take note of this factor when you are researching about different helmet models.

Full Coverage Helmets + Chin BarsFull Coverage Helmets + Chin Bars

There are many kinds of kids motorcycle helmets out there like full face, 3/4th, half helmets, modular helmets and off road helmets. The best protection is offered by full face helmets that not only protect the head from any injury during an accident but also save the face and neck.

As such, this should be the first and absolute choice. The helmet should also come with a chin bar to protect the chin and jaw area. One problem children and young adults seem to have with full coverage helmets is that they aren’t as lightweight as other options. However, it is the added weight from top quality material that makes these helmets so secure.

Helmet Sizing For Growing HeadsHelmet Sizing For Growing Heads

As your child grows up, the size of the head would also change. Many parents have a tendency of buying large or adult sizes for their children because they don’t want to go through the hassle of selecting another helmet soon. However, this is a wrong strategy and you should never do that.

It is a fact that loose helmets come off during an accident. You don’t want your child wearing a loose helmet that is one too many sizes big because it would do nothing in the event of a collision. As such, the best thing to do for is get a full face helmet that comes with different sizes of cheek padding.

This padding allows the fit to be snug inside. The chin bar would help to keep the youth motorcycle helmet in place.

Helmet Sizing For Growing Heads

Duties as a ParentDuties as a Parent

You should always give your kids motorcycle helmet a thorough once over before you put it on them. Start by checking for the inside sticker that states safety standard and testing. Next, look if there seem to be any defects in the helmet and try to include your child in the selection process.

After all, if you end up buying a helmet that the child doesn’t like, they wouldn’t want to wear it and riding would be extremely unsafe for them. Make sure that the paint job and finish on the helmet is reflective so that it is easy for other people on the road to spot your child. Bright colors and reflective materials are, thus, recommended.

Top BrandsTop Brands

Some good brands for childrens motorcycle helmets include Vega, Razor, LS2, Typhoon, CKX and IV2.

Making The Decision

Making the right decisionDo you want to make your child’s biking experience as safe as possible? Are you looking for the best helmet for kids that would not throw your budget in disarray and still ensure utmost safety at the same time? Then you should try one of our recommended helmets.

The best kids helmet should never be bought without research and in order to make the most of your options, you should always purchase your helmet at an online store.

Online stores offer amazing discounts along with accessories that match the make of your kids’ motorcycle. You can choose the right size, read about customer reviews from people who have actually used the helmet, and use various discounts and sales. Buy your kids’ helmet today and enjoy all these benefits.

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