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Best Motorcycle Bags Reviewed & Rated

The motorcycle luggage can make your bike much more functional and enable you to carry your and passengers travel necessities. There are many different types of luggage bags for a motorcycle to fit everyone’s needs.

It’s logical that the best way is to go with the equipment that your motorcycle’s manufacturer offers. The original equipment usually has a look that goes with your bike and can be mounted without additional adapters.

The original equipment is the best choice in many cases, but sometimes the after-market alternative makes a better choice. Sometimes your bike doesn’t include optional luggage or the original bags don’t have enough capacity or features to suit your needs.

Our Top 3 Picks

Fuel Helmets Bag
  • Fuel Helmets Bag
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather
  • Price: See Here
Classic Saddle Bags
  • Classic Saddle Bags
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here
Stansport Bag
  • Stansport Bag
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Classic
  • Price: See Here

This is the reason why we decided to make this buying guide and review 10 of the best motorcycle bags on the market. This guide will give you a look into all the different types of luggage and help you decide which the best motorcycle bags for your bike are.

There are many different types of storage bags for motorcycles and we will start with the most common ones: the saddle bags.

The Best Motorcycle Bags Reviews for 2016

Make sure to check out our reviews of the best motorcycle bags that we made to help you decide which one is most suiting for your bike.

10. VikingBags Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

by Vikingbags

best motorcycle bags

VikingBagsAxwell Sissy Bar Bag is yet another great affordable product by VikingBags. Sturdy, compact and roadworthy, this is the bag for the go!

Thanks to the multiple D-rings, it is easily mountable, not only on most sissy bars but also on luggage racks and backrests. Be it a Honda or a Harley, this bag will fit your motorcycle. The bag is expandable up to 3 inches on both sides, so when you are not using it to its full potential, it won’t take up extra space on your motorcycle.

Its rigid construction assures there will be no sagging. Once you have arrived at your destination you can easily carry the bag around on your back, shoulder or hand, thanks to the shoulder straps and top carry handle.

It’s Waterproof

One of the top perks of this bag is that it’s weatherproof. If you are having a rainy journey, rest assured all your important documents, clothes and other items will stay dry and safe in this bag.


  • Easily mountable on any motorcycle
  • Weatherproof includes rain cover
  • Expandable
  • Shoulder strap, top handle


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Weatherproof


  • Poor design for fitting on the luggage rack

Although one of the most affordable models offered by the VikingBags company, it has all the qualities of their top tier products and will surely carry all your stuff for a long time. I highly recommend it!

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9. Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

By Issyzone

best motorcycle bags

This Issyzone made the bag is a universal product, perfect fit for your street-scooter or any other motorcycle. The bag is PU leather made, with a plastic convenient buckle, ensuring sturdiness and top quality product.

This compact carrier is primarily used on the handlebar, intended to keep all your important belongings safe from falling out of your pockets while strolling through the city, but as it is versatile you can mount it on your luggage bar, sissy bar.

It can be used as a toolbox

The bag can also be used for carrying necessary tools with you needed to maintain your motorbike on the go.


  • 100% PU leather
  • Easily opened and closed
  • Install places: Handlebar, Front Forks, Sissy Bar, Tail Rack


  • Good quality materials
  • Affordable


  • Too long for some handlebars

One of the top perks of this product is its cheap price for the quality and versatility received. Most bags that come at a similar price are made out of synthetic leather, breaking apart after much shorter periods of use, but Issyzone genuine leather build is what makes this bag stand out from the rest of its competitors.

If you already own a similar product you can always find a spot on your motorcycle for a compact tool holder. Issyzone bag is a great product for the value, and its genuine leather build makes it stand out from its competitors. You can’t miss with this product!

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8. Leather Motorcycle Barrel Bag

by Barton Outdoors

best motorcycle bags

When it comes to price and quality relation, the Barton Outdoors Leather Motorcycle Barrel Bag is definitely one of those products that come at a more than affordable price, while giving the quality of much more expensive competitors.

Made out of 100% genuine leather, with a fresh stylish design, the bag looks and feels as it is – rugged and tough. This bag is universal and it will fit any motorcycle, accompanying you on any journey you set out to, be it a stroll to work or a summer vacation, as there is plenty of space in the bag to carry all your belongings.

It retains its original shape

When mostly empty, the bag will still retain its original shape, instead of sagging, which makes it ideal to use on numerous different occasions.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Universal
  • Super Tough


  • 100% genuine leather made
  • Good design
  • Extremely affordable quality/price ratio


  • Plastic zippers

In the end, considering the extremely affordable price, top quality materials, used on much more expensive products far out of this price range, the bags stylish look and sturdiness, this is undoubtedly a product worth checking out, as there isn’t much competition for this price.

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7. Diamond Plate 2pc Heavy-duty Waterproof PVC Studded Motorcycle Saddlebag Set

by Diamond Plate

best motorcycle bags

Do you need a full set of bags for long distant trips on your Harley? Then this set of bags by Diamond Plate is just the right product for you. Practical, good looking, top quality, all that practically at a price of one Saddlebag.

This is a product whit which you can’t miss. If you run into bad weather rest assured all your important belongings such as documents, clothes, and electronic devices will stay safe in these waterproof bags, made out of highest quality PVC material designed just for one purpose – ensuring you will have a wonderful trip.

The bags are not only a great decoration on your Harley, but they can be fit on any other motorcycle in style. The bags are easily opened and closed, so the access to anything important you have in mind won’t be a problem.

Sealed from water damage

The safeguards are also waterproof so when you close the bag it is practically sealed from any kind of water damage.


  • PVC waterproof material
  • Diamond Plate design
  • Easily accessible


  • Weatherproof
  • Sturdy
  • Great design


  • No locks on spring clasps

When it all comes down to it, Diamond Plate offers great design and quality for an affordable price, so if you are after a pair of great looking bags that do the job when it comes to preserving your luggage, these bags are the way to go!

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6. The Nekid Cow Brand Motorcycle Premium Synthetic LEATHER Bag

by The Nekid Cow

best motorcycle bags

If you need a high-quality bag that won’t rip after years of abuse and storing of sharp and heavy tools needed to maintain your motorcycle, this is the bag for you. This heavy duty tool bag, that will fit on your handlebars, forks or sissy bar will withstand any kind of weight you put into it thanks to its three-layer build.

The center of the bag is made out of high-quality heavy PVC material, which assures the bag will withstand the weight you put in it. The outside of the bag is wrapped in a leather like material that is waterproof, ensuring there will be no water in your tool bag and no rust on your expensive equipment.

So compact it can fit almost anywhere on the bike

The bag is compact so it can fit most places on your motorcycle, including handlebars, forks or your sissy bar.


  • Waterproof synthetic leather
  • Strong PVC center
  • A classic look
  • Made in Pakistan


  • Strong build
  • Waterproof
  • Classic look


  • Nylon straps

When it all comes down to it, this bag by The Nekid Cow is one sturdy bag that will last you a long time. It has a good price to quality ratio so you get what you pay for.

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5. Saddlemen – 3515-0075 – R1300LXE Deluxe Roll Bag

by Saddlemen

best motorcycle bags

This top quality bag from Saddlemen features great quality and craftsmanship. The bag is equipped with great quality zippers, and multiple D-rings, so it is easily attached to your luggage rack, back seat or sissy bar, even on those motorcycles that aren’t practically built for adding luggage bags onto them.

The bag is expandable and has a rigid strong construction, so it looks good when it is full or empty. It is made out of waterproof materials, so your belongings will never get flooded on the road. The wide top opening is highly practical, as you can reach for your belongings with ease.

Easy to carry around

The bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap and a top handle so you can easily carry it when not on your motorbike.

Ideal for bikes for two

The bag can easily hold two open helmets in it so it is a great bag for any motorcycle for two.


  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Multiple D-rings
  • Strong zipper
  • Expandable
  • Shoulder strap and top handle


  • Waterproof
  • Well made
  • Strong zippers


  • Thin internal plastic structure

In the end, this is a very practical bag that can easily be attached to any motorcycle, and it has multiple uses, be it a travel bag or a gym bag since it is easily accessible. It’s a great bag for a reasonable price.

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4. Dowco 50127-00 Iron Rider Roll Bag, Black

by Dowco

best motorcycle bags

The Iron Rider Roll Bag is yet another great product by Dowco. Highly durable, this bag this bag will last you practically forever. The bag is a great choice for storing all your important belongings as it comes with a rain hood, making it weatherproof.

It will prove valuable on any trip you set out to. The bag also includes a removable molded handle so it is easy to carry around once you get off your bike. The mounting system is highly acceptable, making it easy to mount on and off your motorcycle.

Great looking

The bag has a great looking design and will fit right onto your Harley or any other motorcycle like a glove.

It doesn’t sag

Whether it is full or empty this bag won’t sag.


  • Perfect for storing important belongings
  • Versatile
  • Rigid construction
  • Easily mountable
  • Equipped with a rain hood, making it waterproof


  • High quality
  • Longevity
  • Waterproof


  • The zipper is easily opened

When it comes down to it, The Iron Rider Roll Bag is a very versatile product for the money, and will surely serve you for a long time on your journeys.

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3. Stansport Saddle Bag

by Stansport

best motorcycle bags

This Stansport Saddle Bags comes not only with great quality materials and looks but also at a great price. Made out of heavy duty duck cotton, this bag delivers a classical look. The cotton material itself is not water resistant, but the bags come with a vinyl backing making them resistant and ensuring they won’t get soaked on your motorcycle.

The latch D-rings are made out of metal, which ensures top quality over plastic ones found on most bags at this price range these days.

Easily modified

One really good thing about these bags is that they are easily modified unlike most, rectangle shaped sturdy bags these days that won’t fit on any motorcycle you put them onto. Even though they are not made out of sturdy materials, the bags hold out really well whether they are full or empty.


  • Heavy duty ducks cotton with vinyl backing.
  • Water resistant
  • Metal D-rings


  • Easily strapped
  • Easily modified
  • Classic looks


  • No heat resistance, place them away from any heat source

In the end, this Stansport saddle bag is a great product for the money that will look awesome on any motorcycle you put it on. It is highly practical and durable.

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2. Classic Accessories MotoGear 73707 Motorcycle Saddle Bags

by Classic Accessories

best motorcycle bags

When it comes to top quality build, these bags are the right product for you. Made out of top quality materials, the bags are sure to protect all your belongings you put into them. The bags are compact yet big enough to fit a pair of shoes or spare clothes you need for a trip to the gym or a nightly thrill.

The bags are equipped with foam panels that provide them hard sturdy structure and protect the items inside from getting warped or damaged. The heat shield panels on the bottom and the sides of the bags protect them from any excess heat made from the exhaust.

Storm shield

Not only that but the bags also have a pullout storm shield making them weatherproof. The Classic Accessories really put a great deal of thought into designing these bags and eliminating any possibility of an unsatisfactory product.


  • Heat resistant panels
  • Storm shield
  • Foam panels provide structure and protection
  • Big zipper compartments with easy-open handles


  • Extremely durable
  • Well built
  • Resistant to any kind of damage


  • Mounting strap quality

Featuring great build quality and design, these bags will fit right onto your motorcycle, providing you compact apartments for anything you need to bring on you short trips to the gym, job or a club. Rest assured you are getting the quality you pay for.

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1. Fuel Helmets SH-BARBA Handlebar Bag with Leather Shell, Black

by Fuel Helmets

best motorcycle bags

This one hundred percentage leather shell, with metal buckles, Handlebar Bag by Fuel Helmets is just the right bag you need for your motorcycle. The bag comes at a very affordable price for the materials used in making it, as most bags in this price range come with plastic buckles and leather imitations.

With 120 cubic inches of capacity, the bag will hold all your tools, paperwork, and other important belongings, protecting them from water or falling out of your pockets while riding on your motorcycle.

Easily mounted on any bike

The bag features easy to roll straps and is easily mounted on all motorbikes making it a universal product of this kind.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Metal buckles
  • Easy to roll straps
  • Universal design


  • Top quality materials
  • Easily attached
  • Waterproof


  • Weak mounting straps

The Fuel Helmets Handlebar bag is definitely an affordable item, and for the money, you get more than you bargained for and that it why it tops our best motorcycle bags list!

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Types of Bags


Saddle Bags

These are the traditional and the most common form of luggage for a motorcycle. There is a good reason why these are the most common ones. It’s because they can carry a load without disturbing the low center of gravity of the bike.

The saddle bags are out of the way of the passenger and the rider and they can hold large amount of necessities while remaining stylish.

The construction of this kind of bags can be either soft or hard. The soft bags are usually semi-rigid bags made of leather, textile or synthetic leather or some mixture of those. And the hard bags are usually made of plastic and fiberglass or aluminum in some cases.

The “throw-over” type of saddle bags unusually works really well. They can be installed very easily with the cross strap that goes under the seat pan or over the seat. These are usually secured with attachment straps but some may come with the additional hardware for mounting.

Sizing the bags might be a bit trickier than you think. Most of the bags do have a protective layer of heat-resistant material on the bottom, but the contact with the exhaust system should always be avoided.

It’s best to leave about 2’’ of clearance between the bag and the exhaust system. Most of the bags have straps with the adjustment system so this shouldn’t be a problem. If your motorcycle has upswept pipes, the best solution to avoid the contact is to go with smaller bags in combination with a tail bag.

Other than a large main compartment, the saddle bags usually have additional pockets both on the inside and outside. It’s also usually equipped with the additional straps and many different adjustment points to secure your saddle bag safely.

Soft Bags

Some of the soft bags feature a semi-rigid or rigid liner that can be detached. With some models, for an extra cost, you can get removable inner bags or rain covers and many other accessories.

It’s necessary that you use the provided rain cover because most of the soft saddle bags are not water resistant. This is especially important if you are carrying a camera or other electronic devices.

The soft bags cannot be locked and if you are planning on carrying valuable items the lockable hard bags would be a better option.

Hard Bags

The hard bags offer a better security, a better protection for items inside and usually are waterproof. On the other hand, they are more expensive and they require more time and more effort to be mounted properly.

Most of the hard bags require a special mounting bracket specific for certain models of bikes and most of them will require minor modifications so they can be mounted. The mounting brackets are usually included with the bag.

In some cases, the relocation of the turn signals is required so the bag can be mounted.

The soft bags can be stuffed with gear. When it comes to hard bags, the volume is fixed. Although they can’t be stuffed, you can still overload them if you fill them up with heavy items. This can be dangerous so make sure you always pack within the maximum load capacity.

Tail Bags

You can increase the carrying capacity of your bike by adding the matching tail bag with your saddle bags. The best option is to buy both saddle bags and the tail bag at the same time. If you don’t need so much carrying capacity you can always detach the tail bag.

Same as the saddle bags, the tail bags can be soft and hard. They usually go on the luggage rack so you can save the room for a passenger. If you don’t have the luggage rack on your bike you might want to get one along with the tail bag.

The tail bags also have a lot of pockets and additional compartments and same as the soft saddle bags, the soft tail bags are not water resistant.

The hard tail bags are usually lockable and waterproof. These require an additional mounting hardware and most of them feature a quick-release mechanism making them carry-on luggage that can be quickly removed.

Sissy Bar Bags and Multi-Bag Tour Packs

If you want to expand your carrying capacity significantly, the sissy bar bags are a way to go. The sissy bar bags usually have one big compartment and the additional barrel shaped compartment on top of it.

Some of these bags even have three units that can be fastened together and attached to the sissy bar. The stackable sissy bar bags are ideal for road trips.

Tank Bags

The tank bag is usually a soft bag made of textile that can be attached to your tank with the magnets located on the inside of the bag or with the straps if your bike doesn’t have a steel tank.

These usually have a soft protective layer on the contact area in order to prevent the damage to your tank paint. They include many pockets and carrying handle so it can be used off the bike as well.

Some of the tank bags have the see-through plastic compartments for GPS or phone. Remember that these are not waterproof and pack your gear accordingly.

Bar Mount Bags

These are the smallest cargo options. They can be mounted on your handlebar, but always make sure that they don’t interfere with the steering or the air flow to the bike’s radiator. They can feature the reflective logos or similar features to increase the visibility and quick-release mechanisms so that you can take them with you.

As you can see, there are so many different luggage options for your bike. So choose your equipment wisely and according to your needs and make sure that you have the water resistant covers to protect your sensitive gear.

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