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Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Reviews in 2016

Have you ever taken your bike out for a long ride, just by yourself? And then somewhere along the line, you thought to yourself “This sure is a fine day! I could really turn up some real good music right about now”, but then you remember you’re riding a motorcycle and not the car, and you don’t have a stereo or motorcycle helmet speakers?

Well, you needn’t be sad anymore, because there is a way for you to enjoy music while riding out in the country. That’s right, we’re talking about headphones.

“Ok, yeah, headphones have already been around for a long time, I know that” you may think upon reading this. Sure, we know you know that, but we’re not talking about any regular headphones. We’re talking about specialized headphones that go inside your helmet, and make you feel like you are listening to a legitimate surround system.

motorcycle helmet speakers

In fact, many riders nowadays opt to install a set of these in their helmets. I mean, why not? Why not spice up a glorious afternoon ride with some fine, well-curated tunes? Listening to your favorite jam while the tree lines and cars zip by on the open road might just be the experience equivalent of eating a fat cheeseburger after being on a really long, dragged out diet (no offense to fitness freaks).

All in all, having some good music play inside your helmet is a wonderful thing of a bike rider. That is why we made this little guide to help you choose the best possible headset for you. On top of that, we have added five best motorcycle helmet speakers on the market for your convenience.

Before we get the party on the move, we figured to offer you a rundown of things to watch out for when buying a set of helmet speakers. Read on!

Our Top 3 Picks

UCLEAR High Definition Helmet Speakers
  • UCLEAR High Definition Helmet Speakers
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Sound Quality
  • Price: See Here
Excelvan BT Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset
  • Excelvan BT Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Handsfree Controls
  • Price: See Here
XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers
  • XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Price: See Here

Things to look out for

So, you’ve decided to get yourself a headset? But which one do you choose? How do you know what to look out for when purchasing them? Well, the best answer is the cliché answer: you need to look at yourself and determine what fits you the best. However, since this is an utmost diplomatic answer (we use “diplomatic” in order not to use a harsher adjective), we’ll lay out for you definite and precise things you need to consider when buying a set of motorcycle helmet speakers.

Headset form

One of the first things to look out for is the form of your headset. There are two forms a helmet headset can take – attached and freestanding. These names are indeed self-explanatory – freestanding helmet speakers are not, in any way built into a motorcycle helmet.

This, however, does not mean that any old headset falls under this category – no, there are specialized freestanding speakers, because any other type would cause much discomfort when wearing the inside of the helmet.

On the other hand, attached helmet speakers are built into the helmet. They are, as a result, unusable outside the helmet. Such speakers take the form of on-ear headphones and are embedded at just the right position in the helmet to be over your ears. These helmets are connected then to a media device, either via a+ cable or a Bluetooth connection.

Wired vs. Bluetooth

Like we mentioned in the previous point, headsets can come as wired and wireless. Wired headsets need to have a hard connection with the device, while wireless use Bluetooth connection and need no wires.

However, Bluetooth headset comes with wires in case the Bluetooth fails. Speaking of which, Bluetooth can often time fail to connect, so using a wired headset may be a better option. On the other hand, using wired headset can lead to the wires tangling and the isolation breaking.

motorcycle helmet speakers

Therefore, it’s basically a matter of personal preference where Bluetooth brings higher practicality that can also increase safety by giving the users a few cables less to worry about, while the cabled approach brings a bit more of a secure connection, which strangely enough can increase safety in its own way.


This is a natural thing to consider. However, this is not any of that “you’ve got to choose the right ones for yourself” stuff. The size of the speakers is more objective than that. What you need to consider is the diameter and the thickness of the speaker play a great role in your choice, and is closely related to the helmet you’re using.

If the speakers are too thick, they will not fit inside your helmet properly, which will result in your ears being pressed upon, making them very uncomfortable. Also, having speakers that are too thick and big may compromise the fit of the helmet, and their installation its structural integrity.

Therefore, bigger does NOT mean better while the smallest option is NOT the most practical one. Choose wisely.

Sound quality

Naturally, there is always the question of sound quality. While all companies will tell you that their speakers are the best, you will do far better if you check the sound quality yourself. When making a purchase, be sure to do a quick test run on the speakers.

If you can’t, then ask a friend of yours, or any other biker with a similar set to either tell you about the quality, but even better, to let you try their pair. Testing the sound quality of your future speakers is the only way to not end up with a pair that will make your favorite songs sound like they are being sung by a Zayn-less One Direction.

The quality of the sonic attack is important on all fronts and not just for music listeners. It determines the clarity of your audio signal, whichever way you use it in.


As is tradition, we’ve saved the best for last (and the most important!). The price is a crucial thing to consider when making a new purchase, and I don’t believe we need to discuss why. It goes without saying that spending a fortune on one pair of speakers is beyond reason, because if they break, they will cost just as much to repair, or even more.

This gets even more complicated and money-draining if you buy a set of built-in speakers, because, in this case, you’re practically buying a new helmet. Therefore, before whipping out your wallet, and slapping the greens on the counter, be sure your wallet doesn’t get burned, and the number of Benjamins is within reason.

While we’re at it, it’s worthy of pointing out that each of the items we have selected for you in this article offers pretty much the best value for money within its respective price range. The key factor is to determine a realistic budget and then investigate what it has to offer. That is exactly the approach we have taken and our results patiently await below.


These things need to be comfortable to wear and NOT obstruct you in any way or form. You are riding a motorcycle after all and an uncomfortable set bugging you during the ride can put you in danger. Therefore, make sure that this thing is a perfect match, bringing us to the final point of this lovely little rundown.


We cannot stress this enough, no fancy gimmicks can make up a lack of safety. Therefore, it is crucial for an item to comply all the safety standards. There are some sets that simply don’t do this, and we made sure they are instantly discarded from any sort of consideration.

So, now that you know all the things you need to know about the universe (or, at least, the universe of motorcycle speakers), let’s get on with the real reason you came here – the top five best motorcycle helmet speakers. Join us for a ride, let’s do this!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Reviews

UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Drop-In High Definition Helmet Speakers

motorcycle helmet speakers

We open our list with this great set of motorcycle helmet speakers. This product from UNCLEAR is anything but – the sound quality on the speakers is just about the most amazing we’ve ever heard. With such high-fidelity sound quality, you’d think that these headphones are priced at hundreds of dollars – but you’d be wrong. These headphones are just about the most affordable headphones with this good a sound quality.

The headphones are connected to your media device via a standard gold-plated 3.5 mm jack, meaning the set is compatible with almost any device. The set is one-size-fits-all and is compatible and easily installed inside any helmet. It can also connect to any communication system your helmet might have.

The headset delivers marvelous crispiness of the sound and unbelievable level of bass. This is all thanks to the prowess and ingenuity of the company’s sound engineers who worked hard to make this headset. However, you ought to take this with a grain of salt, as the extreme bass advertised may not be as good once the speakers are installed because their response frequency is not all that good.

Either way, this set is a wonderful purchase. The quality of the sound is stunning, and the extremely affordable price will certainly appeal to you as a customer. This is an item definitely worthy of the flattering title of the best motorcycle headset, especially within its budget range.


  • Very high sound quality makes these ‘phones a prime choice.
  • Very durable headphones, long life span.
  • The headphones are very affordable, especially considering the sound quality.
  • Universal 3.5 mm jack.


  • The frequency range is not the greatest, the bass is not the clearer and well defined.
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Tork X-Pro Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

motorcycle helmet speakers

The second entry on our list is the Tork X-Pro speaker set. Tork is a company that has been stirring the water for a while on the market, and these speakers are the reason why. Being incredibly light, slim and flat, these headphones fit better inside any helmet than any other headset on the market.

Aside from being this small and adaptable, the speakers produce wonderful sound, often described as listening to a complete surround system right in your head. Having a frequency range that exceeds 20 kHz, the bass on the device is an absolute beast – it can go so low, it will find its way into your very bones.

As per usual, the device is compatible with any standard media device on the market. This is owing to the standard 3.5 mm jack. The product’s headpieces are no more than a centimeter thick, and are easily installed by gluing them on the inside of your helmet. The speakers also come with volume control.

When all is said and done, if you decide to go ahead with the purchase, you’ll end with a great quality product. The speakers are truly pieces of art, and the sound quality they produce is absolutely sublime, so you should definitely consider buying them. Some folks say that this is the perfect match for any audiophile out there. Take ’em our for a spin and see for yourself.


  • Very high fidelity sound quality.
  • Very well-known brand, makes high quality products.
  • Very good frequency range, very well defined bass.
  • 5 mm jack makes these phones compatible with any media player.
  • Very thin design makes the phones easily installed.


  • Additional purchases are required in order to attain the perfect sound
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Outdoor Tech OT0042 Wired Chips – Universal Helmet Audio System

motorcycle helmet speakers

On to the next ones. These Outdoor Tech beauties are just what you need to make those long solitary rides a marvelous experience, with a sound quality like these headphones have, you’ll never want to take off your helmet again (which is a good thing, especially on the road). In addition, to make these appeal even more, and make the extremely convenient, the headphones use no batteries so there is no need to charge them.

Also, the headset is very durable, able to withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, making them excellent for winter use. In addition to that, they are sweat resistant, making their maintenance very easy and convenient.

As far as their performance goes, the headphones are simply stellar. Their sound quality can go on a par with the most expensive products on the market easily. The sound they produce is crisp and clear, and very deep and colorful. The frequency range on the device is excellent, allowing for some deep and extreme basses.

It is important to note that the set is universal and can easily fit any helmet. The 3.5 mm jack allows the device to connect to any media device. On top of that, you have a Bluetooth connection option, so you don’t get tangled in cords. The device also comes with a microphone, so you can make and receive calls.

In the sonic department, the first thing you will notice upon putting this fella on is the smooth, thumping bass. The lower frequencies are what’s leading the sonic attack here, but they are very well rounded thanks to punchy middles and a bright treble department spicing up the mix. If you need an extra dose of boom, this is it!

All in all, this device is one of the best on the market, and it’s easy to tell why. Their outstanding sound quality, fine bass, as well as great adaptability and ubiquity makes them a no brainer purchase.


  • Thin design makes these phones adaptable to any helmet.
  • 5 mm jack makes the set compatible with any media playing device.
  • Very durable headphone set, able to withstand very low temperatures.
  • The headset is very well known and highly regarded by customers.
  • Very high sound quality.
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XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers

motorcycle helmet speakers

Since we’re talking about ubiquity and universality, enter XSound 3 HD helmet speakers. These babies are just as good, with just as good adaptability and sound quality as any set on this list, and more. The aluminum construction constituting these speakers makes them light but very durable, and exceedingly thin in order to fit any helmet easily. The cords are coated with Kevlar that can withstand 20 pounds of strain without snapping, making them virtually indestructible.

As far as sound quality goes, these ‘phones are just shy of perfection. The clear and colorful sounds they produce will appeal and endear to your ears from the first tone you hear. The bass is clear, deep, well defined and powerful, allowing these ‘phones to rival some high-quality full-size headphones.

The headphones are designed to be compatible with most media players via a 3.5 mm jack. When installing these headphones, be sure to properly place them on top of your ears, because the volume might not reach you, especially during high speeds when the air is entering the helmet.

All in all, going for these headphones is a good overall choice. Since they are universal, they can fit any helmet, so you needn’t worry about having to buy a new one, and the sound quality is excellent, so you are certain to be satisfied.


  • Aluminum construction makes the set light and sturdy.
  • Thin design makes them fit any helmet.
  • High quality sound.
  • Well-defined extreme bass.


  • The headphones need to be properly installed and fit closely on your ears, otherwise a rather solid portion of the volume is lost.
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Excelvan BT Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

motorcycle helmet speakers

Our final product for the day is the Excelvan BT motorcycle helmet headset. This set is one of the best sets on the marked, and one held in highest of regards, and after looking at its specs it’s easy to tell why.

These headphones offer one of the best sound qualities on the market. With crispy clear sounds and well defined bass, these headphones will simply take you away. They are also connected via Bluetooth, allowing for wire-free use. The headset sports controls on the device itself, allowing for handsfree use.

Another good thing about this particular set is that it comes with a wireless communicator that is able to connect up to three bikes. The full duplex interphone headset has an intercom with a range of up to 500 meters for wireless communication.

In all, this headset is one of the best on the market because of its sound quality and capability to communicate via an intercom. That being said, if you like riding with friends a lot, you might consider buying this piece just for the excellent intercom.


  • Very high sound quality.
  • Handsfree controls.
  • The set features an intercom with up to 500 meters range.
  • Bluetooth connection, but also comes with a wire.
  • Can connect up to three riders via the intercom.
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Now that the products are out of the way, we figured a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) session would be in order. We rounded up a string of questions that we have heard the most over the years, as well as the ones we see popping up the most on the internet. They patiently await below, along with a line of answers for each and every one.

Q: I want my headset to last as long as possible, how can I do that?

In order to prolong your headset’s life, you will need to check for damage on a regular basis. However, this is more difficult to perform on attached pair of headsets. For that you will have to consult a professional.

Here’s where stand-alone headphones are an asset. They can be pulled out and checked for damage. Also, consider using sweat resistant headphones, as sweat can damage the internal workings of the set. It is also very advisable you use extra sturdy cords for your headphones, as most cords are wrapped in cheap rubber insolation. Avoid bending and wrapping the cords tightly in order to preserve the integrity of isolation. In case of damage to the isolation, change the cords immediately.

Needless to say, overloading the headset with the highest volume for extended periods of time can damage the goods as well, causing unwanted crackle, sonic distortion and generally poor sound. Therefore, keep it reasonable and the headset is bound to serve you quite well in many years to come.

Q: Are the Bluetooth waves harmful?

No, they are not. The waves are weaker and less pronounced than the average cellphone. The headset is located outside the helmet, which makes it distanced from your safe more than a regular cellphone. Plus, the waves themselves are not harmful even in a cellphone- that’s a longstanding and incorrect myth that you can get cancer, or any other kind of damage, from cellphone radiation.

There is no radiation, no harmful rays – this thing is as safe as radio waves, the internet or TV waves.

Q: What’s the typical range I would need?

First, you need to keep in mind where do you ride? If you’re riding through an open area, than you won’t need as much. Cities and woodlands are a whole another thing. Even areas where it rains often and heavily can influence the range of your communicator. The range can average between 400 meters to up to 2 kilometers. Keep yourself within those boundaries and you will have no trouble whatsoever.

Q: Can I listen to music?

Though it depends on the headset, you can. However, the communicators have been made specifically for communication and will rarely give you the sound quality for enjoying your music. But as noted in the first question, you should keep the volume within reasonable boundaries as cranking these puppies up to 11 can cause permanent damage to the headset.

Q: Can I connect it to my cellphone?

Yes you can. It’s especially useful when connected to a hands free program. If you have a good vice command system, you can use it to your heart’s content. It is recommended that if you intend to use your phone, you absolutely do it this way.

Q: Can I use this on other helmets?

Yes you can. You can use it for paintball, or when you ride your snowmobile. It’s all about connectivity and practicality these days, and this fella has it all.

Now before the conclusion, let’s address the key matter here once again. Safety considerations regarding motorcycle helmet speakers, go!


One of the most important things you need to remember is that the electronics (mostly the Bluetooth) will not function like it should if it comes into contact with water (unless you opt out for the waterproof versions). You should also, for safety reasons, remember that the humidity made by your sweat can also interfere with the headset.

It is very unsafe, and illegal, to install a communicator via drilling the helmet. This compromises the integrity of the helmet, and nullifies most of the protection given by it in case of a crash. This happens because the helmet is made specifically to absorb the shock and damage caused by a crash.

Keep in mind that a communicator placed on the outside of the helmet may make you less aerodynamic. This may seem, to the motorcycle newcomer, unimportant- “I’ not on the racetrack, I don’t care about aerodynamics and extra speed”. The real reason is that the fatigue caused by the uneven distribution and lack of aerodynamics will make you a driver with poor concentration. Long and regular, even daily, rides may even cause damage to your neck. It can also mess with your perception while riding.

You must be certain that the camera is safely and securely placed on your helmet. If it falls off during a ride, it may act as a projectile and harm another driver or rider.

Also, consider another fact. Headphones are not like your car’s stereo, because of a simple fact that they hang over your ears. This, in turn, muffles all external noise. That is extremely unsafe, in fact, as in traffic you need to pay absolute attention to your surroundings, and that includes listening for signs of trouble.

In addition to that, blasting the headphones at full volume is damaging to your hearing. Therefore consider reducing the volume on your headphones to avoid permanent hearing damage.


And there you have it, our little guide about motorcycle headphones. The items on the list are the few select that offer great performance at great prices. When choosing your headset remember what you’ve read here – remember that a good pair of headsets doesn’t have to burn through your wallet to perform on a great level.

Remember that a good pair of headsets needs to fit your helmet. Drilling or otherwise compromising the structural integrity of your helmet can be very dangerous. Remember that your helmet is a primary piece of equipment you have, and if it fails, it can lead to serious injury.

Always pay attention to the volume coming from your headphones. Blasting the set at full volume can damage your hearing and the ‘phones. Even worse, having the volume all the way up can lead you into dangerous situations where you won’t hear another vehicle coming, thus ending up in a car crash.

Once you actually buy the headphones, do take good care of it. This is important for a couple of reasons. First you need to take care of them because you certainly want to change your headphones after just a few days. Second, broken headphones can be dangerous, as naked wires are never a good idea to have around the neck.

Remember that your safety and the safety of others is primary. Therefore, choosing a set that has remote controls will save you a lot of trouble when riding. Always keep your hands on the handle bars and watch the road closely.

Finally, enjoy your ride, safely and responsibly. A pair of headphones are there to make the ride more enjoyable, and not to give you a headache. We sincerely hope that the next time you take a ride on your pet will be accompanied by sweet sounds coming from one of the sets presented her on our list. Happy shopping and once again – ride safely!

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