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Motorcycle Gear

Looking for high-quality motorcycle gears? Want to find out what sort of gears are right for you? Find the right gears that prevent or minimise injuries? These days, there are many, unlimited options of motorcycle gear for you, from matching the jacket with trousers to designs on your helmet and jacket and a collection of different kinds of motorcycle gears. So, how do you find the best motorcycle gears that are suitable for you?

motorcycle gear

As you know by now, the most important thing about selecting motorcycle gears is the protection coverage and how the mechanisms can save your life in case of an accident. No matter what kind of bike you’re riding, your life comes first, and it is imperative to cover yourself with protection gears as much as possible.

Motorcycle gear may be expensive but nonetheless, riding a motorcycle exposes you to extreme danger. Even if you’re an amateur motorcycle rider or have been riding the motorcycle for quite some time, investing in high-quality motorcycle gears can last for a long time. So, here is an overview of what kind of motorcycle gears you should get to ensure you’re safe and ready to ride.

Types of Motorcycle Gear:

  • Helmets
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Protection Armor

Motorcycle Helmets

motorcycle gear

The helmet is one of the essential gears when it comes to riding a bike. It protects your head by absorbing the impact in case of an accident. The helmet’s design is unique as it blocks the engine noise, providing you with the necessary focus on the road. Additionally, full-faced helmets are the best as it provides complete protection for the entire head. Moreover, the helmet protects your eyes against the wind, dust and insects. What’s more of a greater advantage than that if its gives a better, more protection for your head and face?

It is quite important to know that the helmet must fit yours perfectly. All helmets come in sizes and shapes depend on the manufacturers and models. To determine your shape and size, try every helmet. If you want to know the right size for you, put it on and try to move it around your head with hands while holding your actual head still. If the helmet doesn’t rotate, it’s the right size for you.

All motorcycle helmets have Styrofoam layers in the inner armour component, designed to slow down the speed of deceleration your head will experience in a collision. The outside shell of the helmet is unique, as its sturdy plastic, elastic material prevents penetration of sharp objects. It deflects some of the collision energy and helps absorb the energy by stretching it.

Helmets tend to have a five years lifetime from their date of manufacturer. After five years, the glue holding the Styrofoam layers and the shell will start to degrade. Moreover, the helmet will bear the damage by itself, keeping you safe and minimising your wounds.  Therefore, it is wise to throw the used helmet after an accident or once it reaches its 5-year span. Lastly, it is crucial that the helmet must have a “DOT” approved rating.

Motorcycle Jackets

motorcycle gear

Motorcycle jackets are pretty popular among riders these days. It is common among riders to be wearing one and encouraged that, a jacket is as important as your motorcycle itself as it covers your upper body from harm. Not only that, it makes you look good while riding a bike! Your motorcycle jacket is a vital one for you as it covers the entire upper part of your body. It is important to choose the right size and make sure your lower back covered by the jacket entirely.  Select the right jacket for you according to its safety frame, comfort and seams.

Always take into consideration of what kind of weather you’ll be in when you’re riding a motorcycle. Get a jacket according to the weather. If you’re in a seasonal climate country, it is wise to have at least two jackets. A summer jacket that allows cooling air via gaps and a winter jacket that allows it to seal out cold air. Just make sure to choose the right one for you. Most of the jackets have pockets inside where you can put extra protection armour that will guard vulnerable parts of your upper body against severe injuries.

All motorcycle jackets fall into two categories: a leather jacket and a textile jacket. Both jackets have double seams to protect the jackets from abrasion, ensuring you will not get any or little injuries. Although, leather jackets are more capable of providing more, better protection when it comes to high-speed accidents, textile jackets are cheaper compare to them. When you’re choosing a leather jacket, it is important to look at the quality, stitching and thickness of the seams. Naturally, leather jackets last longer and fit more naturally to the upper body.

Textile jackets are made of high-quality materials, equipped with Gore-Tex or other water-resistant materials, which is capable of keeping you dry in rainy weathers. Either way, both jackets are safe for use in wet climates.

Motorcycle Gloves

motorcycle gear

A pair of gloves is considered to be a necessary, safety gear among riders because hands are known to be the most fragile among body parts. Therefore, it is vital to protect your hands both from accident and abrasion when it comes to riding a motorcycle. A good pair of gloves should have a retention strap that wraps your wrist tightly, which includes armour for the top of your knuckles, fingers and base of your palm. It should completely cover your palm, fingers, wrists and the back of your hand. The material is made of abrasion- resistant, durable material with tough stitches.

Most of the gloves are made of waterproof and insulation materials these days, ensuring your hands are dry and comfortable.

Motorcycle Trousers

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It is essential to protect your legs, as you use most of it to guide the bike and change gear while riding a motorcycle. Therefore, getting the right trousers is important as it protects your joints and bones against accident injuries. Its material is very similar to the jackets as it gives you a choice to get either a traditional leather or modern textile. Just like the leather jacket, the leather trousers offer better protection.  The Gore-Tex textile trousers are known to provide better comfort and flexibility. Either way, both of these materials are safe to use for protection gears.

To ensure that the trousers are the right ones for riding the motorcycle, make sure it has the approval of “CE”-rated armour for the hips, shins and knees. Lastly, choose your trousers accordingly to your comfort and fashion taste.

Motorcycle Boots

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There are many excellent choices of motorcycle boots for you to choose but finding the right one can be a little tricky. Choose the right boots that give a tight, good support around your ankles and protect your foot with a strong grip sole, in a case of an accident. The boots are made of durable, flexible material so that you can control the brake pedal and ride it smoothly. It is crucial that your boots should line up with your trousers, to ensure comfort and more, better protection for you.

Furthermore, the boots must have internal supports to reduce the force of impacts. It is recommended to get any motorcycle boots that must be above the ankle.

Motorcycle Protection Armour

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Most of the gears protections, for example, the jackets and trousers have inner pockets that allow you to put additional protection armour to protect your other vulnerable parts of your body such as the back, elbows, hips, knees, and shoulders from injuries. It’s never too much to cover your body as much as possible to minimise damage and survive an accident. The armour has unlimited choices that vary from carbon fibre shells to high-density foam padding and foam polymer. It’s entirely up to you to choose what kind of materials that is more comfortable for you. Not only that, all armour should be “CE” rated to ensure that you get the proper materials to protect yourself.

Furthermore, the armour protection purpose is to absorb energy as much as possible from the impact. Therefore, it is important to get protection armour and cover as much as possible. Back and chest protectors may be a little uncomfortable to wear, but it will protect your heart, lungs, rib cage, backbones, and muscles. The back protectors in the jacket may seem convenient to you as it’s part of the jacket. Nonetheless, it doesn’t provide a good area of coverage.

Thus, it is wiser to get a separate, back protector that provides a better, greater area of coverage. Not only that, getting a different elbow armour that extends down to your forearm, gives you a better, more complete protection around your joints. Also, it is better to try all kinds of protection armour to ensure that they are accurate in place and secure around your joints.


Lastly, all sorts of motorcycle gears are available to guarantee your safety in an accident and be comfortable in any weather. It is important to know that it can make a difference when you wear motorcycle safety gears while you’re riding a motorcycle.

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