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Vintage Motorcycle Helmets – Retro, Old School, Classic

Vintage or old school motorcycle helmets are more than just a style statement or a retro nod to the past. They are part of a legacy that motorcyclists all over the world cherish. There is a great amount of nostalgia associated with the vintage motorcycle helmets around the time of WWII.

These helmets help to transport the current bikers to a time when they were either not born or too little. Do you remember that time when your brother, father or mother wore their retro motorcycle helmets and you rode pillion? It is that feeling of happiness that the best vintage style motorcycle helmets wish to bring back.

The following guide will help you find the best vintage motorcycle helmets out there and will also tell you how to make an informed decision while researching about the best retro motorcycle helmets.

Our Top 3 Picks

Hanmi Leather Helmet
  • Hanmi Leather Helmet
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable Helmet
  • Price: See Here
Nolan N20 City Helmet
  • Nolan N20 City Helmet
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Strong Shell
  • Price: See Here
Daytona Basic Helmet
  • Daytona Basic Helmet
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • UV Fnish
  • Price: See Here

Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

Hanmi Leather Motorcycle Helmet

Hanmi Leather Motorcycle HelmetThis retro motorcycle helmet is made in a quintessential vintage style and would greatly please lovers of vintage helmets.

Chin Strap – The fit of the helmet is exquisite because of the attached chin strap. You can easily lock or unlock the strap into place using a single buckle. It keeps the helmet in place during cruises on the bike.

Good Quality Fabric and Durable Helmet – The fabric has a leather look but is not actually leather. However, it is of superior quality and adds a great look to the helmet. The material of the helmet under the fabric is quite sturdy as well.

Lightweight – This helmet is extremely lightweight, especially because it is open faced like most vintage style helmets. It weighs only 1.8 lbs.

Goggles And Earmuffs Included – The ear flaps can be used all year round and are detachable. Vintage looking goggles are also included with the helmet to protect the eyes during driving.

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Nolan N20 City Helmet

Nolan N20 City HelmetNolan makes some of the best vintage style helmets that are not only well designed but quite sturdy as well.

DOT Approved – It is difficult to find good vintage helmets that are approved by DOT. As such, most vintage helmets are not ideal for anything more than cruising. This helmet, however, is DOT approved and as such, it is completely safe.

Strong Shell – The shell is made using polycarbonate and is quite strong. Despite its sturdiness, it is still lightweight and is made in a jet-pilot style. The paintjob is unique on the helmet and retro lovers would love it.

Shield With Extra Features – The shield can be changed quickly and is optically superior to ensure great visibility. With UV400, it also has metallic plates along the sides, adding a hint of modern touch to this helmet.

Removable Liner – The liner of this helmet is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and made using moisture-wick features. It can be removed and washed without any hassles.
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Daytona Basic Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Basic Motorcycle HelmetDaytona is a brand known for making vintage scooter helmets that are as basic and classic as you can get.

DOT Approved – The brand can be trusted while buying vintage helmets because all their helmets are DOT certified. This makes them safe for cruising and given that this is a 3/4th helmet, this safety standard is even more important.

UV Finish With Sturdy Shell – The shell is made using fiberglass that is extremely strong. Over the matte black coating, the helmet is also equipped with a UV finish which protects it from the harsh glare of the sun.

Attached Nylon Straps – The chin straps of the helmet are made from nylon and are of good quality. These straps ensure that the helmet stays in place and doesn’t move around while driving.

Variety of Sizes – There are many sizes available in this helmet, starting from double extra small to quadruple extra large. In fact, this model also has the smallest 3/4th helmet size ever made.

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TORC T50 Route 66 Helmet

TORC T50 Route 66 HelmetSome of the best helmets in the market are made by TORC and it has slowly become the master of American and British motorcycle helmets as well.

DOT Approved – Unlike other makers of vintage helmets, TORC places primary focus on the safety of the wearers of their helmets. This is why you can rest assured that all helmets by TORC fulfill or exceed DOT requirements, like this helmet.

Suede Retro Liner – The liner is made from suede but the look and feel of it is like leather. However, the look is where the ‘retro’ ends since it is equipped with advanced features like moisture wick.

Retro Style Design – When you look at the helmet, you’ll feel like it is one of those vintage items that have been passed down generations to reach you. This is because of the paint job of the helmet.

ABS Shell – The ABS shell is extremely strong and durable with a classic look. This is an open face helmet that is quite lightweight and doesn’t compromise on safety.
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GLX Copter Style Red

GLX Copter Style RedThis vintage style motorcycle helmet is quite popular among reviewers and veteran motorcyclists because of its amazing features.

Thermoplastic Shell – The sturdiness of the shell determines how long the helmet will last and if it would be sensitive to daily wear and tear. This helmet’s shell is made using thermoplastic that is resistant to high impact.

DOT Approved – Unless you are only going to use your helmet for light cruising, it is strongly recommended that you buy a model that is DOT certified. This safety standard is necessary to look. This helmet is approved by DOT.

Removable Liner – The liner is removable and washable to keep the inside of the helmet odor free at all times. It also adds another layer of safety, combined with the padding and double D rings retention system.

Comfortable Neck Curtain – The neck curtain is made from leather and further enhances the retro look of the helmet. It is a quintessential feature of vintage helmets that reviewers feel adds comfort and style to the helmet.


X4 Vintage Scooter Helmet

X4 Vintage Scooter HelmetThis is a vintage scooter helmet by X4 that can be also used for light cruising around town on your motorcycle.

DOT Certified – As a brand, X4 can be trusted to meet all the quality criteria without fail. As such, it is nice to see that this vintage helmet is certified by DOT and offers both safety and style at the same time.

Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell – The shell is made using polycarbonate and is quite strong. Despite its sturdiness, it is still lightweight which ensures that wearing the helmet and taking it off is easy.

Advanced Venting System – Vintage helmets rarely worry about venting but even with an open faced helmet, some vents always help to keep the head cool and comfortable. X4 has added advanced venting technology to this helmet.

Multiple Visors – This helmet comes with a sun visor but reviewers have tried other standard visors with this helmet and they all seem to fit perfectly. Separate goggles can be purchased with this helmet.


ARROW AV-84 Vintage Deluxe

ARROW AV-84 Vintage DeluxeAnother great brand for retro open face motorcycle helmets, Arrow pulls out all the stops when it comes to the look and feel of their helmets and this one is no different.

ECE and DOT Approved – For people who want their vintage helmet to have as much safety as possible, this is the best and most affordable option. This helmet by Arrow is approved by both ECE and DOT.

3D Lining – The job of the lining is to ensure optimum fit in the helmet since lack of lining (or bad quality lining) can cause chafing and make the helmet come off during an accident. This helmet has 3D lining for the best fit you can imagine.

UV Paint Over Thermoplastic Shell – The shell is made using thermoplastic and Arrow has then finished the look with a coating of UV paint to enhance the longevity of the helmet.

Safety Lock – This helmet can be secured in place with the buckle under the chin that locks with a click.


Vega X-380 Old Skool

Vega X-380 Old SkoolThis old school motorcycle helmet is by Vega, a brand that is quite popular in the industry for all kinds of helmets, vintage or otherwise.

DOT and ECE Approved – Actual vintage helmets from older eras didn’t have the technology to be safe on the road. This doesn’t mean that current vintage helmets should sacrifice on safety as well. This helmet is approved by both DOT and ECE.

Liners With Advanced Features – The liner inside the helmet not only offers a customized fit but also come with advanced features like moisture wick and antimicrobial technology. These liners are easy to remove and wash.

Many Shields and Visors Available – There are a variety of shields and visors available with the helmet.

Reduces Noise and Wind Resistance – One interesting point brought up by reviewers is the ability of this Vega helmet to reduce noise on the roads. It has low wind resistance as well which prevents neck and shoulder pains after prolonged wear.
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Docooler Vintage Garman Style

Docooler Vintage Garman StyleThis is another one of those classic motorcycle helmets that can also be used for bikes and are mostly apt for cruising.

Comes With Goggles and Scarf – In order to finish the retro look completely, Docooler has not only included the helmet but also a pair of vintage style goggles and a scarf. The goggles are especially great and have anti-fog and anti-UV feature.

Extremely Lightweight – The helmet is more lightweight than any other model. It weighs a mere 1.7 pounds and feels like nothing on the head. Despite the weight, is is enough protection while light cruising or biking around the neighborhood.

Sun Visor – A sun visor is also included with this helmet. This visor can be pulled down to protect the eyes and improve the look, and it can be removed with ease. The front of the helmet has 3 separate buttons for this very purpose.

Many Sizes and Colors – This helmet comes in a variety of sizes and colors. When the size is right, it fits like a dream. There is also a neck curtain in this helmet that can be removed when not required but it is another point in favor of this retro helmet.
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Eastmate Motorcycle Helmet Goggles

Eastmate Motorcycle Helmet GogglesYou can’t go more retro than this vintage motorcycle helmet that is lightweight and full of utility.

Open Face Helmet – Because this is an open face helmet, it is best to use it for cruising around. It will protect the crown area of the head but will not offer any protection to the face and neck area.

Aerodynamic Shell – The outer shell of the helmet is made from thermoplastic that is resistant to impacts. This makes the helmet durable and enhances its safety during drives. The design is also extremely attractive for people who like vintage helmets.

Comfortable Padding – The padding on the inside has been created keeping the retro effect in mind. Even so, it is extremely comfortable and adds another layer of protection between the head and ground. The padding also makes the fit snug.

Comes With Goggles – In the affordable price of the helmet, vintage looking goggles are also included. These goggles are made from good quality plastic and improve visibility while driving. They also protect the eyes from dust.


Making the Decision

Making the right decisionThe first thing you need to remember is that there are many vintage helmets that could be the best vintage style motorcycle helmets because there is no one model that satisfies everyone’s requirements. If you have some idea about what you want, always write down the features and then look for those needs in the old school motorcycle helmets you research online.

Apart from going through our detailed list of best retro motorcycle helmets, you can also go to online stores to find the best deals, read customer reviews and enjoy amazing variety of the best vintage motorcycle helmets available in the market today.

Always have multiple options and if you see something you like, buy it immediately before it is snatched by someone else. Choose your vintage helmet now!

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